About N2PPK

I first became interested in radio as a child with a crystal radio set, and then walkie talkies, and then learned about Ham Radio later on. I studied for my Technician License with Joe Gomez, W2BMP, from LIMARC (Long Island Mobile Amateur Radio Club) in 2014, but didn’t take my Technician licensing exam until July 13, 2015. I passed on my first try, and was assigned the callsign KC3FHK.

As a homage to growing up in New Jersey, and frankly, to have an easier callsign to remember, I applied for, and received, my current vanity callsign, N2PPK, as a reference to James Bond’s fabled pistol.

Now living in Pennsylvania, I found our local club, DLARC (Delaware-Lehigh Amateur Radio Club) was offering classes to study for the General License exam. I studied with Al, W3CE and some others, and sat for my test in November 2015 and passed!

At current, I hold my General license, and have no intention of upgrading to Extra.

Right now, I’m still growing into my HF and mobile rigs. As for many of us, this is a long-term learning opportunity for me. I look forward to learning with you!

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