My order from Ham Radio Outlet arrived already, so I took advantage of the mild weather and installed the IC-2300H in my Subaru Crosstrek. Well… it’s half installed. A very solid temporary installation!

I’ve got the MR-77 on the roof running through the rear hatch (there’s enough room in between the body and hatch for the RG-58 cable to pass through without pinching) and tucked under the edge of the rear seat, under the front passenger seat, with enough cable sticking out to plug into the radio.

Diamond MR-77 antenna mounted on my 2013 Subaru Crosstrek.

I’m powering the unit currently using a cigarette lighter adapter, but will try to find a way to run the wires properly to the battery when it warms up this spring. I’ve got the unit sitting in the footwell of the Subaru which will work until the girlfriend drops her 14 lb. purse on it!

Icom IC-2300H sitting in my passenger footwell.

I sent Rich WC3T a text message to see if he was available for a signal check and everything came through loud and clear on the W3OK repeater. Sounds like we’re good to go!

Still looking for a more permanent installation that doesn’t require a mag mount on the roof (will become an issue come mountain biking and kayaking season) but only time will tell on that one.

Long story short, I’ve been using a pair of Baofeng dual-band handheld radios since I can remember. Bought my first UV-5R on Black Friday 2014, and bought another BF-F8HP hoping for better reception/transmission. That being said, the 2 meter band isn’t that active in my area. I found out I’ve got a decent bonus coming […]