JT65 — So boring, yet so exciting!

I’ve come to the conclusion that my current antenna is certainly lacking and I’ve had difficulty getting out with my 100W IC-7200 through the MFJ-1622 apartment antenna. So I started looking into a mode that works better with weak signals… and I’m now toying with JT-65.

Actually, that’s one of the biggest reasons I opted for the IC-7200. The USB interface makes setup for digital modes a breeze. Just a little bit of toying around with settings in the actual WSJT-X software, but other than that, a $7 cable from Amazon is all I need.

That being said, I haven’t had too much luck with QSO’s so far, but patience is the key. What excites me is sites like PSKReporter.info that allow me to see where my signal is being heard.

So far my signal’s been picked up as far away as Chile, and I’ve gotten picked up in Venezuela and Puerto Rico too. However, I’m still waiting for that first QSO from JT-65.

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