New Rig Day!

Long story short, I’ve been using a pair of Baofeng dual-band handheld radios since I can remember. Bought my first UV-5R on Black Friday 2014, and bought another BF-F8HP hoping for better reception/transmission. That being said, the 2 meter band isn’t that active in my area.

I found out I’ve got a decent bonus coming my way in the new year, so I opted to take advantage of the Icom summer rebate program and picked up an Icom IC-7200, LDG IT-100 antenna tuner, MFJ-4128 power supply and an MFJ-1622 “apartment antenna.”

The antenna is less than ideal, but will do in my current apartment. At night, I can mount it out the window, but during the day, I will need to keep it indoors.

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