Getting Ready for Mobile 2M!

So I’m finally getting serious about putting a 2 meter rig in my Subaru Crosstrek. I found a way to mount a hamstick antenna from the rear of my car, so it won’t interfere with kayaks or bikes. But until then, I’m going to use a somewhat temporary solution.

This Christmas, Santa was nice to me and got me an Icom IC-2300H. Right now, I’m powering it with my MFJ-4128 power supply and feeding it through my MFJ-1622 apartment antenna (tuned down to 2m of course!).

I just placed an order with HRO for a Diamond MR77 mag-mount antenna and a Powerwerx TMCG-72 cigarette lighter power cord for a temporary solution. If I have success, I’ll move to a more permanent installation in the spring when it warms up.

Now, figuring out how to program this thing! I’ve got the W3OK repeater down, and I guess that’s the important one for now!

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